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Christmas Light Safety Tips, Inside and Out

800px-Christmas_Lights_house_displayThis Christmas, before you enjoy the magic and wonder of twinkling lights in your home, take a few moments to ensure that you have safely illuminated your home inside and out.

* Candles provide a warm glow, but they are major fire hazards – use battery-operated candles instead.

* Before you string lights around the tree or hang them from your porch, carefully check for cracked cords, frayed ends, or loose connections.

* Make sure that cords are not pinched under heavy furniture or in doors or windows.

* Ensure that your outdoor lights are rated for outdoor use.  Indoor lights have thinner insulation that may become damaged when exposed to weather.

* Use insulated hooks to hang lights – screw or tacks may pierce the cable and become electrified.

* Purchase LED lights, which run cooler than incandescent lights and also save energy.

* Turn off all Christmas lights, indoors and outdoors, when you leave your home and before you go to bed.

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*Photo Source: Anthony92931, Wikimedia Commons