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Fun in the Snow This Weekend










If you live in metro Atlanta, you are probably hunkered down in anticipation of the snow storm, and the kids are bursting with excitement at the prospect of frosty fun! Check out these creative ways to play in the snow using items commonly found in your house and yard!

  • In the absence of a sled, slide down snowy hills on a large plastic lid, the kind that are used to secure large storage containers.
  • No snow tube? No problem! An inflatable baby pool is a great substitute and will keep your legs and bottom drier than a traditional snow tube.
  • Get everyone laughing with a family hula hoop contest. It’s harder to keep the hoop going when you’re all bundled up!
  • Draw a tic-tac-toe board in the snow and use objects such as pine cones and branches to substitute for X and O’s.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water and few drops of food coloring, and let the kids “color” the snow!
  • If there’s not enough snow to make a traditional snowman, make Potato Head snow people! Form mini-snow balls on the ground and decorate them with a variety of hats, ears, and funny faces.
  • Play footprint freeze tag – it’s like traditional tag, but you can only step in footprints in the snow!

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