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Landscaping Tips For Fall

Each season brings a fresh opportunity to maintain your home and keep it just as beautiful as the day you moved in. The first day of fall was just this past Monday, and even though temperatures in Metro Atlanta keep sizzling like mid-summer, it’s still a great time for simple landscaping chores. A little time spent now will pay off big in the spring, when your grass, shrubs, trees, and perennials will come back better than ever because of your fall-time TLC.

  1. Cut the grass a final time. As temperatures cool, popular types of sod go dormant. Trim it short for the winter months.
  2. Feed the grass. Fertilizer in the fall is great for your grass, when most growth is underground, in the roots. It will make your lawn healthier and encourage it to green up more quickly in the spring.
  3. Rake leaves. Fall colors are pretty on the trees and in your home décor, but too many piled up in flower beds and on the lawn will damage the plants beneath.
  4. Trim dead branches. Take a close look at trees and shrubs and cut away the dead limbs. Careful pruning in the fall will mean faster new growth in the spring. Remember, if you find a big job – like a large, dead branch high in a tree – call in a professional tree trimmer.
  5. Cut back perennials. It’s time to trim perennials back, almost to the ground. Not sure what a perennial is? These are plants that come back year after year, often amassing greenery each season that must be trimmed for new, healthy growth to take hold. Flowers like lilies and herbs like mint and rosemary love a good trim.
  6. Plant new shrubs and bulbs. Early fall is an ideal time in Metro Atlanta to plant new shrubs and bulbs. They’ll have time to get established before the cold sets in. Plant tulips, daffodils and iris now for a colorful surprise in early spring.
  7. Mulch. It’s time to get the shovel and cover up those roots. Not only does mulch amp up your curb appeal, it protects your plants from harsh cold in the winter, especially younger plants.
  8. Drain irrigation systems. When you’ve watered your lawn for the last time, take a few extra minutes to drain your irrigation lines, store hoses, and install spigot covers. This will help avoid frozen, burst pipes when the truly cold weather comes to town in a few months.

Fall is officially here, Metro Atlanta! Step outside, examine your home’s landscape, and take a little time to get ready for the cooler temperatures. (We know they’ll get here eventually!) Have a big job and need some professional advice? Visit Georgia Scapes, the RHG new home landscaper. A full-service landscaping company with years of experience, Georgia Scapes is committed to customer service and believes that planning ahead is the key to good growth.  With small effort now, you’ll see a big payoff next spring. Happy Fall, Y’all!

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