•   Moving to a new house is a big undertaking. Before you pack up, check out this list of things to leave behind when you move into your new home. Perishable Foods Go ahead and finish your fresh produce, refrigerated meats, milk, and eggs before moving day. Even if you wind up with some strange meal combinations, you will be glad not to have that extra load on moving day. You can always stock up on your fresh foods in your new home! Paperwork You know that pile of old bills, newspapers, and completed schoolwork that’s been occupying your kitchen counter? Chuck it all! If you haven’t needed it for the past few weeks, you will probably not need it ever again. To save space, scan critical documents and save them on your hard drive. Outgrown Clothes and Toys This… Read More

  • There are few feelings as exhilarating as stepping into your brand new home for the first time.  Everything is beautiful and spotless – that is, until you start unpacking!  Here are some great tips to keep your new home*looking* new for weeks to come. Entryway Your entryway or foyer gives people the first impression of your new home.  New homes by Richardson Housing Group (RHG) offer a variety of entryway designs, including two-story foyers and spacious entry halls that flow into living spaces.  Here are some easy ways to keep your foyer looking great: –       Invest in a bench with built-in storage for shoes, coats, winter hats, and other items that accumulate near the front door. –       Keep a small box of wipes tucked away nearby to quickly clean dirt and debris that is tracked in. Kitchen The kitchen is… Read More

Rave Reviews

We moved into our home in the Heritage at Jefferson over the summer. In that time, we have fallen in love with the neighborhood, community, schools, and sports, but most of all, our house! We are living our dream!!! RHG Homes helped us find the perfect floor plan and made the process seamless. Our inspector said it was one of the best build homes he’d seen in a long time. That speaks for itself!!! I’ve never been more pleased. - Kellie C.

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