Richardson Housing Group

The Benefits of Buying New

At Richardson Housing Group, we know how important good information is in the homebuying process. It can mean the difference between an investment that pays off big in the future, and one that leaves you with a never-ending list of projects. We also know there are great benefits to buying new construction.

Energy Efficiency

Building codes are continually changing to encourage energy efficiency. The practices and products we use today are far different from those of even just a decade ago. Buying a resale, or previously lived in, home could mean fighting drafty windows and costly HVAC maintenance. In a new RHG home, owners enjoy double-paned windows and programmable thermostats, both of which can greatly reduce monthly energy costs.

Less Maintenance

Buying new means far less worry over home maintenance. It means time and money spent doing the things you love, not replacing the roof or painting the exterior. Every RHG home includes a limited one-year home warranty, giving buyers even greater peace of mind.

Interior & Exterior Customization

Buyers can choose from carefully curated paint colors, granite styles, flooring options, and so much more. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your new home reflect your unique personality, all with professional design assistance to help along the way. Available choices can be limited by construction timelines, so be sure to ask early in the process about your options.

Clean & Pristine

When you buy a new home, everything is new. From the appliances to the flooring and even the pipes in the walls, it’s all pristine. Plus, RHG has a fantastic cleaning crew that removes every last speck of construction dust, leaving each home sparkling from top to bottom just before our new homeowners move in. There is nothing like the feeling of a just-cleaned, brand new home on closing day.

If you are considering buying a new home, these are just a few of the many benefits you’ll enjoy. Get started on your home search today with a visit to Browse available homes and upcoming communities across Barrow and Gwinnett Counties.